Referencing past designs has yet to be standardized across the industry. Some firms build a detail library with every detailing condition they want to reuse, while others reference relevant projects for specific details. Our platform finally puts an end to digging through your server to reuse inadequate details while at the same time eliminates the need to spend hours on library management. Pirros has been designed for detailing workflows and is the number one solution for detail management.


Pirros is a detail management system for structural engineering and architecture firms. Pirros provides a web based platform that makes it effortless to reference any information you need to help you detail. By utilizing Pirros, architects and engineers save time searching for details, standardizing designs across their firms, and reducing the amount of effort required to build and maintain their detail libraries.

With Pirros, you will:


Manage Detail Libraries
Store all your vetted details, quickly add new details, modify existing details, and add relevant information. Approved/vetted details will show up before project details, ensuring users always use the right detail. Pirros also provides automated suggestions on which details to vet based on which details are used the most. A streamlined workflow for vetting details allows our firms to improve the quality and standardization of their details.
Easily reference any detailing conditions
Reference details on past projects if a detailing condition isn't included in the typical detail library. Find and reference any detailing condition in minutes through our search engine and filters. Add restrictions to projects so that younger architects can't copy and paste poor quality or out of date details into new projects.
Quickly push/pull from Autodesk® BIM 360® and Autodesk Construction Cloud®, Autodesk® Revit® and Autodesk® AutoCAD®
Effortless download of details or sheets directly into ACC/ BIM 360, Revit or AutoCAD. Likewise, upload an entire project or library worth of details to Pirros with just a couple clicks. 
Pirros is the platform of choice for Architectural firms such as CO Architects, TVS Architects, and RAMSA, structural engineering firms such as Degenkolb, Buehler and KPFF LA, and many more.
A 3-legged authentication will occur wherein the connect button on our Integrations page will redirect you to Autodesk® sign-in to ask for permissions.
Book a demo with Pirros Professionals directly from https://www.pirros.com/

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Version, 31.01.2024
Initial release.

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