HyperCast is the world's most advanced weather-based decision-making tool. It features ClimaCell's nowcasting engine, providing pinpoint weather prediction down to city-block-level granularity in real-time and at one minute intervals 0-6 hours in the future. The HyperCast data quality is unmatched in the weather industry, achieving up to 90% correlation with ground truth, as opposed to 50% correlation achieved by other sources. 
The integration with Autodesk® BIM 360® allows the user to import the project's location automatically into HyperCast app (assuming every project has a valid address).
For every project that has a valid address, HyperCast App will automatically create a pin so you can quickly find your project on top of the map and set alerts.
In addition, HyperCast features a new alerts tool (Weather Observer™). The alert system is designed to help you stay aware of the real-time and forecast weather events which affect you the most. The user can set thresholds for specific weather phenomena (i.e., rain intensity, or snow accumulation), and notify your team member via SMS or email hours before the event will take place. You can set the alerts, for specific pin locations, or for polygons. 
HyperCast is featured as a web-based dashboard and is best compatible with Google Chrome browser.


Every organization gets seven days of free trial (limited amount of users). After 7 days, ClimaCell will contact for more information.

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Version 1.0.0, 06.10.2021
Initial release

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