Imerso is a web-based platform for digital twins where various tools are available to quality control your construction projects. For that, Imerso uses Point Cloud data and BIM models uploaded by the user. You can either upload your BIM models directly via our webapp, or if you are a  Autodesk® Construction Cloud user, you can upload them using this integration tool. With enabling this integration, there is no need for you to download your BIM models from ACC manually and upload them to Imerso. You can simply authorize Imerso to access your project files on ACC. You then choose which models you want to sync with Imerso and our platform takes care of the rest. We fetch them from ACC and upload them to Imerso. Moreover, when there is update on any of the uploaded BIM models that you pulled from ACC, you will be notified about it when browsing your project files on Imerso and you can easily update the Imerso copy of your BIM models. Also, if you change your models in Imerso, or if you have some models in Imerso that are not on ACC, you can also upload them directly from Imerso to ACC.


For now, we support IFC and RVT models. 


Feel free to contact us to hear how Imerso can help you improve the quality control process of your construction project.


Go to this link to book a demo with us.

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Version 1.0, 08.06.2022
This our very first version of the integration where you can synchronize BIM models between ACC and Imerso and keep them updated.


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