The Oculo + Autodesk® BIM 360® integration combines passive 360° reality capture with Issue management, enabling a single source of the truth for stakeholders on and off site - powered by leading workflow tools in the Autodesk Construction Cloud.


With Oculo you are able to passively capture progress and conditions, simply by walking the site with no additional effort - meaning site documentation can be produced 10x faster than traditional camera based methods. Once the data is uploaded to our platform, our core technology recreates the walk in navigable 3D space that anybody can use on or off site - opening up the ability to carry out remote inspections, compare reality to design and update as-built, track progress over time, and collaborate on Issues.


Integrating Oculo with BIM 360 enables seamless workflows for the creation and management of Issues - create BIM 360 Issues directly within Oculo 3D space, and maintain the location and context provided for speedier resolution, along with automatically attaching the selected photo and floor plan location to the Issue. Jump back into Oculo from an issue within BIM 360 to get full visual context. Our Oculo Partner Card also enables entry into the Oculo platform via navigable 360 scenes and floorplans presented within your BIM 360 Dashboard. Oculo also supports Autodesk SSO, so anybody from your BIM 360 project can easily access Oculo scans and features.

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Versión 1.2, 11/02/2022
App allowing the integration and management of BIM 360 issues within the Oculo platform. V1.2 includes: - Autodesk SSO (and option to disconnect account) - Issue floorplan location attachment in BIM 360 - Updated Partner Card with full 360 navigation and other features

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