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Automate all your tenders with BIM Tender. BIM Tender is an Autodesk® BIM 360® application.

    BIM Tender is a service for full automation of the business procedure of the tender process. From forming the structure of the tender to analyzing the estimate table and choosing the winner of the tendering process.

    BIM Tender perfectly complements the BIM 360 cloud service in terms of quantification, model decomposition, creating a summary model, transferring volumes to subcontractors, and analyzing commercial offers.

    Automation of the entire business process. The service includes all the user roles involved in the business process: BIM managers, customer specialists, procurement specialists, contractors, subcontractors, and even designers, to check the model before forming the tender.

    Get a contractor 20 times faster. Previously, a customer specialist formed a tender on average for at least 1 working week. With the help of BIM Tender, we have reduced this time to 2 hours. You will be able to choose the contractor in 3 days!

    You only pay for the result. You only pay for those tenders that have gone to work. You don't need to buy the entire app or a subscription for a period with a certain number of users. So designers can check the model without spending the company's balance sheet. Pay for the result!

    Work in a common environment. No more Excel spreadsheets. All participants work in a common information environment. Consolidated models are created by the BIM Manager based on models from the BIM 360 account, the user only needs to select the construction object.

    Filters and grouping. Application of filters and multiple grouping considerably (~20x) accelerates the process of forming the structure of the tender by a specialist, as well as further analysis of offers from contractors.

    User-friendly interface. Work the way you are habituated to. Right-click the context menu, drag items and folders using drag&drop, and use the context search in the model, the structure of the tender, or when searching for parameters.

    Analyze offers. Compare and analyze offers from contractors using the rating table. Perform analysis by groups and subgroups. Minimum and maximum offers are highlighted in color (blue and red, respectively).

    Event registration. Automatic logging of tender case events with an indication of users who performed any action (transfer, refusal, verification, etc.), time of the event, and description. Logging of users and the number of used tenders.

    Checking the model by the designer. You may submit the model for additional review to the designer before the tender is prepared. The service allows you to perform a check not only for the fullness of certain parameters but also a visual check of the correctness of the use of elements of types in the model.

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Version 1.0, 06/10/2021
The first version of service for full automation of the business procedure of the tender process.

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  • Great tool for business
    Mikhail Khch | février 12, 2021 Téléchargement vérifié (Qu'est-ce que c'est?)

    Really helpful for organize and manage procurement with concurrent approach. 

    What are required - high quality engineering process in accordance with BIM workflow.
    With this tool you also could checkup engineering process result. Good from all sides.