POWERBIM is a solution to give an answer to one of the most important problems that appear when the digitalization of the AECO sector is becoming a reality, the problem is the DATA that is always growing and it’s difficult to manage, coming from multiple sources, not only included in BIM models, but also coming from external sources of data, including real-time data, multimedia, and others.


POWERBIM organizes functionalities, datasets, and BIM / digital uses by dimensions, 1 dimension or N dimensions can be activated for each project at any moment, and data management can be used in a multi-project and multi-user mode, connecting the stakeholders with different roles and accessibility to data and functions, integrating virtual components to physical devices, building and energy management systems (BMS / EMS / CMMS), IoT sensors or unmanned devices, POWERBIM integrates multiple technologies in a cyber-physical ecosystem for building performance.


1D – Data validation / Auditing using rulesets / EIR compliance (ISO 19650) / SQL integration

2D – Documents and Multimedia for Asset Management / Sheets and Deliverables Management

3D – BIM data management with Power Bi integration, BIM federation

4D – Timeline management for Design / Construction and Operations

5D – Quantity Takeoffs / Bill of Quantities / Sales and Tenders Management

6D – Digital Twin integration to IoT / BMS / EMS / CMMS / Simulations / Advanced Analytics 


NOTE: Users will first initiate the basic subscription with 2D + 3D dimension activated only and limited scope, prior to contract a pilot project to include more dimensions and functionalities for a full scope in the pro subscription


POWERBIM deploys an easy-to-use digital twin platform for property owners, facility/construction, and project management companies, architectural, engineering, building/infrastructure operators, and any kind of stakeholder working at any stage during the lifecycle, so all they will be able to manage project data in a structured way and to create relationships between datasets created by others. 


Powered by Autodesk Forge, Microsoft Azure, and other multiple cloud platforms, POWERBIM deploys automation processes between the BIM Common Data Environment by Autodesk® BIM 360® or Autodesk Construction Cloud platform (Autodesk Docs) and cloud services to perform data analytics from BIM models integrated into other multiple sources of information, using a bi-directional integration to Power Bi API and IoT service providers (Azure, Siemens Mindsphere, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and others), together with collaborative functionalities like Bim Collaboration Format (BCF), Asset Management, Space Management, and others. 


POWERBIM© is a product created by BIM6D© company from Barcelona, intended to get the power of data for smart buildings integrated into smart cities.

Descrizione della versione di prova

Users can schedule a meeting by registering in and we will answer with a meeting proposal to present POWERBIM in live presentation and to meet client requirements to be aligned with POWERBIM capabilities. After that presentation, there will be the possibility to contract a Basic Subscription or Pro Subscription.

Informazioni sulla versione

Versione 1.0, 03/11/2021
First release. BIM360 / Autodesk Docs integration. Revit / IFC / Navisworks / Dwfx and other 3d formats available to load and to merge. Creating datasets and Power Bi reports automatically from templates that can be customized by editors and consumed by guest users. GIS viewer integration. 2D+3D dimensions for a basic subscription, n dimensions, including Digital Twin for pro subscription. Multiple useful functionalities for AECO sector and other multiple ones that are included in our roadmap.

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  • It's all data..
    Gregorio Saura | ottobre 07, 2021

    We have embraced it as a disruptive tool with enormous possibilities to explore new services in the AEC sector. To be continued...

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