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The Atom is the world’s first Engineering-Grade AR headset and is a powerful, custom-built engineering tool combining a construction safety headset, augmented reality displays and in-built computing power. With The Atom, construction teams can view 3D models to millimetre accuracy on-site, eliminate rework, and Build it Right, First Time. 


The Atom integrates with Autodesk® BIM 360® to increase productivity, streamline workflows and bring enhanced transparency to the site teams, and the field teams. It empowers users to feed into the large, multi-layer federated model in Autodesk® Navisworks® and manage all the possible disciplines within the field.


Construction teams can now use The Atom to create, visualise and manage issues and tasks, and instantly assign them to project stakeholders on the BIM 360 platform. Users can share up-to-date details, pictures and videos linked to a precise location on-site. 


The connection between The Atom and BIM 360 will deliver a more efficient and productive construction industry. 




Construction companies, including Mace Group, Cundall and Georg Fischer, are already reaping the benefits of The Atom across construction sites around the world.  To understand how The Atom can be seamlessly deployed on your construction site and vastly improve speed and efficiency to your project delivery access the brouchure for more information.


Diarmuid O’Sullivan, Construction Director, PM Group, said: “We’ve been using The Atom since the beginning of the Danish project, and it is unlocking significant productivity advancements on-site. It has allowed us to move away from a reactive approach to tackling errors, to a more proactive way of working, solving problems before they actualise as a cost.“




Workflow Management

Identify, organise and co-ordinate particular tasks within The Atom and send this information to BIM 360 - streamlining workflows and delivering time savings for those in the field.


Two-way data flow

The integration creates a direct connection and a clear view of what is happening in the field. It allows users to immediately raise issues and respond in real-time. 


On-site visual data available in BIM 360

Users can now interact with models, position them to millimetre accuracy on-site or shrink to gain a different perspective, which can then be viewed within BIM 360.





The Atom provides an additional layer to Autodesk BIM 360, allowing users to feed into the large, multi-layer federated model, delivering a full picture of the entire model.


Pre-Installation: Inspect the model on-site, identifying clashes before they take place


During-Installation: Verify works during setting out and installation directly from the coordinated model


Post-Installation: Validate, assess and sign-off on works in real-time


The dynamic nature of working means anything raised within the field is entirely compatible with what users can see in the office. Those in the field can immediately react to, and action, any queries put forward by BIM 360 project members.




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