Fuzor Construction


Fuzor is the next generation VDC software enabling companies to win projects, achieve profitability, and stay ahead of the competition with highly detailed 4D construction sequence simulation and construction methodologies. It offers a seamless collaboration platform between the office and site team for effective project control and management. The progress data captured using the Fuzor VDC mobile will be synchronized back to the PC to update the actual schedule and status of the 4D model. 


Fuzor VDC PC version benefits:

  1. Highly detailed 4D animation creation under a very tight timeframe to win projects
  2. 4D modeling and program validation to reduce errors
  3. Promote strong stakeholder engagement that leads to high customer satisfaction
  4. Seamless and effective project control and management to ensure projects are completed on time and on schedule


Autodesk® BIM 360® Integration allows:

  1. Two-way data synchronization between Fuzor VDC desktop version and mobile app with BIM 360
  2. Better management of the project progress data in a centralized platform
  3. Project data and file storage, the Fuzor mobile file (fzm) 



  1. Define the category status of different percentages of completion that will be used to apply for the status in the Fuzor VDC mobile app
  2. Synchronize the status marked in the Fuzor VDC mobile to the 4D model to update the actual schedule
  3. Create detailed method statements with construction equipment animation
  4. Quickly manipulate construction plants and equipment with pre-defined animations to validate method statements
  5. Load the schedule from various scheduling software such as Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, PowerProject to create a 4D sequence for schedule validation
  6. Compare planned and actual schedules for a project progress update
  7. View the construction sequence simulation in a fully immersive environment with one-click VR
  8. Wear the Hololens to view the 4D and equipment animation
  9. Have real-time editing and preview with bi-directional live link of 3D authoring software
  10. Ability to perform clash analysis with real-time editing
  11. Create safety training applications and an interactive viewer for method statements

Informazioni sulla versione

Versione 1.00, 23/12/2022
Initial release

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