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BIMrx Cloud Manager saves time while managing BIM 360 so you can focus on high value tasks like digital transformation and sustainability. Bulk tasks for editing multiple projects simultaneously are streamlined, including project creation, file uploads and archive snapshots or download syncs.


Microdesk BIMrx Cloud Manager allows BIM 360 Administrators to quickly and easily perform many time-consuming and repetitive tasks: 


  • Add new projects to BIM 360
  • Securely Connect BIM 360 Hubs with Your Autodesk Account
  • Create Multiple BIM 360 Projects Simultaneously
  • Accelerate Adding Multiple Users to Multiple Projects
  • Copy Template Project Folder Structures with Files to Multiple Projects at the Same Time
  • Automate Model Publishing, Uploading & Downloading with Custom Integration
  • Intelligently Sync Local Folders and Files to/from BIM 360
  • Easily Filter Hub Member List
  • Multiple Project Upload & Download to/from BIM 360 Hubs with Granular Control



Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).


バージョン 2.6.2, 2021/09/23
This release of BIMrx® Cloud Manager highlights the following features: Version 2.6.2: - Scheduled Download Jobs with enhanced Filtering of Projects, Folders, and Files - Granular Folder and File Selection for Jobs Download - Scheduled Jobs that use Autodesk Login Connections <-- Coming Soon in 2.6.3 Version 2.6 - The 'Users' module has been renamed to 'Members', and major improvements have been made there. These include the display of project members; enhanced filtering, selection, and count totals; member/role information display; and the ability to update roles and company for members already assigned to a project. - Automatic refresh of projects on entering a module and when changing Hub. - Automatic filtering applied with each filter letter entered. This applies to Members module Projects and Members (both account and project) and Browse module projects. - Pressing the new Stop processing button halts processing of projects, folders, and files retrieved from BIM 360. This is implemented in the Files, Jobs, and Browse modules. - Minor changes have been made in the Job data entry screen to support future growth, including adding additional Job types.


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