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R-Communicator helps architects, engineers, contractors, designers, and modellers to collaborate on their Autodesk® BIM 360™ Docs content (both Cloud workshared and non-workshared files), in real-time, from inside Autodesk® Revit®.


Switching Platforms? Don't Lose Focus.

Conversations drive the design process in AEC / BIM projects. R-Communicator enhances the connection between your BIM 360 installation and Revit, enabling your team to maintain better focus. By generating massive productivity gains, R-Communicator ensures faster project completion through streamlined team interaction(s).


More Efficient Project Communications

Real-time model-oriented communication inside Revit takes project collaboration to a new level. Pin-pointing conversations and issues to a single model element or family allow team members to effectively co-ordinate many design conversations in parallel. Meaning the team moves further, faster.


Faster Design Issue Resolution

Across the AEC spectrum, changes in one discipline can have knock-on effects in others. With R-Communicator, your BIM 360 Docs can be discussed as part of your BIM 360 Design workflow(s), directly inside Revit. R-Communicator optimizes the real-time synchronization of workshared files as requests, notifications and discussions can move forward quickly and without error. Ensuring faster and focused project momentum.


Features Include:  


  • Send and receive instant messages
  • Online and offline member status
  • Group and private messaging
  • Send and receive files and families P2P
  • Load families to project browser
  • Send and receive Revit screenshots
  • Download conversation transcripts
  • Remove and archive conversations 



  • Track elements created per version
  • Track any conversation, any element, any version
  • Create, edit and delete BIM 360 Docs issues
  • Track individual member performance across the team
  • Benefit from additional statuses (not currently found in BIM 360 Docs)
  • Use issues to navigate the active model
  • Use activity history to navigate issues
  • Edit, view file versions from BIM 360 Docs in Revit
  • Upload new versions to BIM 360 Docs from Revit



  • Download conversation transcripts
  • Create, edit and delete BIM 360 Docs projects
  • View elements with BIM 360 Docs issues in an active model
  • View elements with overdue issue status in an active model
  • View project-level issues
  • Filter BIM 360 Docs issue list by team member
  • Filter BIM 360 Docs issue list by date range
  • Mobile App with all features included (coming)


There is no limitation in terms of storage, users or projects.


For more information please visit http://www.modelobjects.io 

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バージョン v2.6, 2021/01/18
Improved files sharing and family loading. Private chat now with file & screenshot sending. Improved element selection. Several bug fixes and many performance improvements.

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