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Track labour hour expenses, manage budgets, tackle project overruns, and automate compliance checks with SwiftCheckIn - EzyBuild.


An advanced SAAS platform with an intuitive mobile application to streamline construction work site and workforce management while maintaining compliance. It gives construction teams enhanced visibility at the job site and increased budgetary control through precise tracking of labour onsite hours. By leveraging automated compliance checks and real-time geolocation verification during check-ins, EzyBuild ensures a seamless, efficient, and safe workflow.



Swift Check-in EzyBuild's robust features include:


1. Advanced QR code-based check-in/check-out:

Eliminates paperwork hassles, simplifies the attendance process, avoids delay, and saves time with a single QR-code scan.

2. A comprehensive digital history of staff and visitor site visits:

A digital repository of site visits obtained through QR code-based check-ins reduces tedious manual spreadsheets and data entry without jeopardising accuracy.

3. Automated document verification and safety checks:

At every check-in, worker licenses and certifications are automatically verified, in addition to providing alerts on license expiration. Safety questionnaires can also be created in order to ensure compliance and safety at work.

4. Emergency alert system:

In case of an emergency, send real-time alerts and get live updates about worker safety status. This feature helps to prevent potential hazards, save lives, and minimize legal liabilities.

5. Geolocation verification:

Ensures check-in through the correct location or gates, fosters accountability and guarantees compliance with work schedules.

6. Daily project performance tracking:

Evaluates labour-related project progress, productivity rate, and performance ratio for better and faster decision-making.

7. Labour-related budget management:

The daily timesheet is tracked and recorded automatically against a specific budget. A real-time comparison of actual and projected labour expenses helps to attain efficient budgetary control. It also allows for 'change order' creation and management.

8. Project issue management:

To detect quality-related project challenges early in the process and take swift actions to rectify problems, ensuring high standards.

9. Suspicious check-in alerts:

To prevent unauthorised access, address any potential security threats or safety breaches at the worksite.


SwiftCheckIn-EzyBuild uses Autodesk® 3-legged authentication approach for syncing projects and its related items. However, for syncing account companies and project companies we use the 2- legged authentication process.


Contact us: info@swiftcheckin.com.au

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