BLMConnect is a cloud portal for construction industry.

BLMConnect offers new possibilities to bring together clusters of end-users like prospective-clients, buyers, consultants and contractor, using power of Autodesk® BIM 360® and other cloud technologies.




COLLOBORATE with multiple parties, organize teams, and control access.

  • Create Workspaces for your projects
  • Invite colleagues & consultants
  • Collaborate using Autodesk Login & various Autodesk products
  • Add Models to workspaces
  • Prepare models for marketing


MARKET your upcoming and completed projects

  • Add project highlights to models
  • Link highlights to Model's 3D & 2D views
  • Make marketing copy that works with your audience
  • Configure Analytics
  • Keep track of views & leads


AFTER-SALES experience  

  • Offer your client a BLMConnect account at 0 cost
  • Disucss using 3D viewer & annotation capabilities
  • Task management for customization
  • Offer Status Updates. Link WIP pics with views
  • Collaborate with client's interior and other consultants 

Informacje na temat tej wersji

Wersja 1.2, 23.09.2021
- Portfolio features - Task management - Various bug fixes

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