Rather than create another silo in an already overly siloed industry, ProjectReady builds bridges. Our collaborative project information management (CPIM) solution binds together the systems your team already owns (BIM 360, Autodesk Construction Cloud - Build, PlanGrid, Procore, Box, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Bluebeam, and others) to address real-world challenges.

ProjectReady lets you automate project setup, deploy project management solutions to essential organizational responsibilities, launch and connect document control workflows, and keep the team on track within a dynamic interface. This robust and modern solution reduces administrative overhead and disjointed workflows to improve interoperability from bid to closeout. Immediately realize huge savings and improved productivity across the team.


Note: A paid subscription is required to access ProjectReady. Contact us for a free demonstration and to discuss pricing options.


Do More With ProjectReady

  • Automate M365 and project setup and instantly integrate the systems you already own
  • Deploy easy, repeatable standards to improve adoption, save time, and remove administrative overhead
  • Administer roles-based permissions and quickly as needed or manage project team members in bulk at project and portfolio levels
  • Drive connected collaboration across the entire project team
  • Improve and automate security and governance
  • Gain better control with flexible project management functionality
  • Automate the generation of important documents and reports
  • Gain access to an array of robust reports
  • Deploy crucial project workflows and assign tasks directly from Outlook
  • Register email and attachments directly to the project
  • Launch Bluebeam Studio sessions at different workflow stages or ad hoc and automatically save versions to secure system locations
  • Connected workflows (RFIs, Submittals, Change Orders, Content Registration and Approvals) seamlessly to avoid unnecessary duplicate data entry
  • Sync content across platforms and systems within a single, consistent interface to ensure a single source of truth among team members
  • Access a single pane of glass view of your project within a dynamic dashboard designed to allow users to take informed action on tasks, project information, finances, and more
  • Compile and archive a full history of transactional data to promote the transparency and accountability necessary for reducing the risk of litigation. Information remains fully accessible long after project closeout for ongoing peace of mind


Connect your Autodesk solutions to the other systems your team uses every day with ProjectReady to:

  • Instantly improve efficiencies that will result in immediate savings and greater profits
  • Improve collaboration across internal and external team members and stakeholders
  • Eliminate the administrative burden associated with project setup and security
  • Save time and accelerate the productivity of your highly skilled professionals
  • Realize greater ROI on your existing tech stack
  • Reduce the risk of litigation associated with project information management


ProjectReady gives your team access to an integrated data environment that drives improved collaboration through the integration of the systems your team uses every day. A modern user experience, repeatable standards, and improved functionality of the project information management solutions you depend on are what sets ProjectReady apart from the competition.


Transform the way your team works together and realize immediate savings. Contact us for a free demonstration of ProjectReady’s collaborative project information management in action.

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Wersja 3.1, 24.04.2023
• Real-time content synchronization across ACC, BIM 360, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Procore & Box • Automated M365 provisioning and security • Connected RFI, submittal, and transmittal workflows • Easy registration of emails and attachments to the project • Quickly find and send files from connected systems to internal and external team members. • Simultaneously create, collaborate on, and solve issues in Autodesk and Procore in real time to eliminate duplicate data entry across systems. • Improved document control functionality

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