Power Search 2021

Power Search 2021




Power Search for Autodesk® BIM 360® extends the file searching and location capabilities of BIM 360. Integrated with BIM 360 Docs, the application allows users to do multi-criteria searches for files based on name, version, date, created by, created on, last modified, last modified by, file type, and Custom Attributes. Files are retrieved in a clickable list or can be exported to Microsoft® Excel®.

The new Editor mode allows for:

  • Update Custom Attributes by bulk or Excel.
  • Filter results: on-screen or in Excel.
  • Copy results files to any BIM 360 folder.

Some use-cases for Power Search include:

  • Search files, download them in Excel then filter them, update custom attributes and reupload to instantly update BIM 360! The files showing in the results can be copied to any folder in BIM 360 if needed.
  • Search all project documents uploaded in BIM 360 yesterday.
  • Search all revised drawings on a certain "timber package" (customer need to search both the word timber in the description AND version >1).
  • Search for Custom Attributes tied to folders or files.
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Wersja 2021.2, 18.02.2021
Add Editor Mode to allow for editing of custom attributes, filtering by Excel, and copying files to folders. Performance enhancements and stability.

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