Empower Your Industrial Operations with the Cumulus QMS Platform
The Cumulus mobile app is just one powerful facet of the award-winning Cumulus Platform, a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) designed to revolutionize industrial work. By seamlessly integrating digitized workflows, connected tools, and robust data analytics, Cumulus empowers you to achieve:


Unmatched Quality Assurance:

  • Standardized Workflows: Build intuitive, step-by-step workflows of your site’s procedures for critical tasks like bolt tightening, welding, and pressure testing, ensuring every worker follows the same procedures, every time.
  • Real-time Data Capture: Eliminate paper checklists and manual data entry. Workers use the Cumulus mobile app to capture data directly from connected tools and sensors, providing real-time visibility into quality metrics.
  • Automatic Verification: Eliminate human error and subjectivity. Connected tools automatically verify adherence to torque specifications, pressure readings, and other critical parameters, flagging any deviations in real-time for immediate rectification.


Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency:

  • Streamlined Processes: Guide workers through complex tasks efficiently with clear instructions, multimedia assets, and dynamic checklists.
  • Reduced Rework: Identify and address potential issues early, minimizing rework and costly delays.
  • Improved Collaboration: Share project data and insights instantly with all stakeholders across teams and locations, fostering better collaboration and informed decision-making.


Transparency and Traceability:

  • Complete Work History: Maintain a digital record of every task, including who performed it, when, and with what tools and settings. This comprehensive audit trail ensures complete transparency and traceability.
  • Compliance Management: Easily demonstrate compliance with industry standards and internal safety protocols.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Leverage powerful analytics to gain insights into process performance, identify areas for improvement, and optimize future projects.


Benefits for All Stakeholders:

  • Field Workers: Perform tasks confidently with clear guidance and instant feedback, reducing stress and errors.
  • Supervisors: Monitor project progress and worker performance in real-time, proactively addressing any issues.
  • Management: Gain complete visibility into quality, compliance, and productivity, enabling data-driven decisions for improved operational efficiency.


By harnessing the power of the Cumulus Platform, you can:

  • Reduce rework and costly errors by up to 50%
  • Increase productivity by 20% or more
  • Improve safety compliance and mitigate risks
  • Gain a competitive edge through superior quality and efficiency


Ready to transform your industrial operations? Download Cumulus Pro today and experience the difference!


Integrates with Autodesk Construction Cloud® Document Management. See https://cumulusds.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/360003872394-Cumulus-Control-Center-Releases



We use data:create, data:read, and data:write scopes with 3-legged authentication. They permit our app to walk the document directory tree and upload a document. 

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