Frontir makes data engineering easy. Through Frontir you can connect to your favorite applications, extract its data and make it available outside the silo'ed applications. Examples, where Frontir offers great benefits are: 


  • lower costs for machine learning and/or data science initiatives
  • have your bid teams use real-time data and insights from your projects
  • QA/QC on your datasets and bring focus to your VDC / BIM teams.\


If you want to use this application, you need to have an active Frontir account. You can request an account by emailing: The Frontir team will contact you to set up your Frontir environment.

Within Frontir you can easily connect to this application by setting up an ACC & Autodesk® BIM 360® connector (setup shown in screenshots). Once the connector is set up, you are able to extract your BIM project data to Frontir for advanced processing. 

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