With Buildots you can:


  • Use Buildots automatically detected Issues to create Issues in Autodesk® BIM 360®.
  • Include High-Quality visual information, accurately located on a floor plan
  • Track issues and compare their 360 images to previous captures or to the BIM model

Integration Summary

Buildots helps site teams get better control of their projects by automatically capturing and analyzing progress data using advanced AI and Computer Vision algorithms. Using our platform, managers can understand the gap between their plans and reality, both from design and schedule perspectives.


Our BIM 360 integration allows instant creation of issues in BIM 360 whenever something requires attention, those items would be created with a high-quality photo and the issue's details.


How it works

- During regular site walks, a mounted 360-degree camera captures on-site visual data into video.

- Buildots’ AI models automatically interpret this data to provide a precise progress report, comparing the on-site state to the BIM model and schedule.

- Identified issues can seamlessly be exported to BIM 360, complemented with detailed visuals and other relevant information, and accurately placed on a floor plan.


Integration Requirements

The integration is available for paid subscribed users of Buildots.

To enable the integration, please install the Buildots app on your BIM 360 account.

Go to the "Account Admin" section in BIM 360, Click on "Apps", search and click on "Buildots" and click "Add to BIM 360".

Contact your Buildots Customer Success Manager to enable the integration on Buildots. 



The integration uses a 3 legged authentication when the user chooses to export an issue from Buildots. The authentication is used to populate the fields' options to export the issue and then to submit the issue. 


About Buildots

Buildots is an award-winning global technology leader leveraging the power of AI and computer vision to automate on-site progress tracking on construction projects. The system provides construction teams with accurate data and previously unavailable performance metrics empowering them to make data-driven decisions in a time-sensitive environment. Buildots platform improves project visibility and efficiency leading to reduced delays, enhanced error detection and successful project delivery on time and within budget.

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Seamlessly export automatically detected construction issues from Buildots to BIM 360.

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