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Greatly reduce time spent on repetitive tasks in Autodesk® Revit® by adding Ideate Automation to your toolbox.


Increase productivity, eliminate the need to train staff on repetitive tasks, and ensure task outcomes are highly predictable, free of user errors, and standardized with Ideate Automation. This scripting solution runs time-intensive BIM tasks in the background while your staff does more meaningful work. Either started manually or scheduled to run at night, Ideate Automation is empowering and cost-effective.


Use with Revit to:

  1. Schedule the opening of large Revit files for when you need them
  2. Export data from Revit into PDF, DWG, NWC, and IFC files
  3. Publish files to Autodesk® BIM 360® as often as daily
  4. Revit model upgrade/archiving
  5. Run Revit “audit and compact” process to maintain file size


Use with Ideate Software tools to:

  1. Generate regular, automated PDF, DWG, and NWC exports from Ideate BIMLink link definitions
  2. Export key Revit model health data
  3. Generate Revit warnings reports
  4. Offload long-running, complex annotation clash processes
  5. Deliver CSV reports on essential Revit family and project metrics
  6. Create comprehensive document issue records
  7. Prepare COBie data drops
  8. Generate quantity take-off data
  9. Silently check spelling


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

Описание пробной версии

During the trial period of Ideate Automation, you have full access to create, run, and schedule the scripts found within the Automation Scripts folder. To perform the scripts found within the Ideate Software Scripts folder, a licensed version or an active (not expired) trial of Ideate Software Revit add-ins must be installed.
Note: This app works for 30 days during your trial.

Сведения об этой версии

Версия 3.2.58260, 27.06.2024
For the latest version updates, please visit our online help at

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  • Empowering Project Teams
    Holger de Groot | февраля 14, 2024

    Using Ideate Automation contributes to the overall health of our clients' models, empowering project teams to make informed decisions for enhanced productivity. Ideate Automation not only helps our clients save time but also improves accuracy in data extraction and enhances their model quality, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity for their project teams.