With matterlab’s ValidationHub, Autodesk® BIM 360® users can apply strict naming standards to all files uploaded to their project. Using pre-built industry standards such as BS1192 or ISO19650, compliance validation can now be built into your BIM 360 workflows.


Built-in standards

ValidationHub offers popular international BIM standards such as ISO19650 or BS1192.


Schema builder for custom standards

In Validationhub Pro define your own custom naming schemas and validations using the powerful visual online schema builder.


Automatic validation

ValidationHub can monitor an entire BIM 360 project or a specific folder. Validate new or modified items automatically.


Fast-track collaboration

Uploaders and document controllers can be automatically notified when the file fail validation checks, so the can amend errors and re-submit files. 


Produce compliance reports easily

Validation reports are displayed instantly with the option to export the data to both CSV and JSON format, providing complete visibility into the quality assurance process and reducing the workload for team members. 


Manage your quality assurance centrally

Tailor naming standards for different regions by assigning relevant regional requirements to each of your BIM 360 projects. This allows granular contol of validation efforts across your entire BIM 360 account. 


Note: App is compatible with BIM 360 Docs, BIM 360 Team & BIM360 Field management.

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