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Site Scan for ArcGIS is the end-to-end cloud-based drone mapping software designed to revolutionize imagery collection, processing and analysis. Maintain a complete picture of your drone inventory and flight history with automatic fleet management. Stay up-to-date with accurate imagery when needed with repeatable flight plans that ensure high quality data capture when flying your drones. Securely process imagery in a scalable cloud environment to create high-quality 2D and 3D imagery products that can be quickly shared throughout your organization on any device. Save time by using the measurement and analysis tools to get the answers you need from your data.

BIM360 customers can pull supported projects and plan files into Site Scan and overlay the files onto orthomosaic and topographic maps. Anytime a plan file is updated in BIM360, Site Scan will sync with your account to make sure decisions are being made using the most recent plans. This is the fastest way to compare your team's progress against the plan and create issues and RFIs. This supercharges your BIM models with actionable, up-to-date decision making. Additionally, users can publish their Site Scan data outputs directly to BIM360 and create Field issues or RFI from within Site Scan.

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Версия 1.0, 05.11.2020
The Site Scan BIM360 app allows plan files to be pulled from BIM360 into Site Scan for QA / QC workflows.

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