Autonomous HVAC CFD Connect


The Autonomous HVAC CFD (AHC) Connect grants read access to project information such as geometry, materials and metadata, which can be pushed to an AHC Project. After adding AHC Connect to your Autodesk Construction Cloud® account, you will also be able to view and edit Construction Cloud files inside the AHC App. 



Seamless Data Integration- Eliminates the need for manual data transfers. Connect your Autodesk® Revit® project geometry with ease, enabling swift access for simulation within the AHC software.


Data Integrity- Maintain data accuracy and consistency across platforms. Changes made to your Revit geometry will be seamlessly reflected in the AHC software, ensuring your simulations are always up-to-date.


Time & Resource Savings- By eliminating the need for repetitive data transfers, you'll drastically reduce the time spent on data preparation and increase the efficiency of your simulation workflow. Focus on refining your designs and making informed decisions.


Cloud-Powered Performance- Leverage the power of the cloud for robust performance, ensuring that even complex simulations are handled smoothly and efficiently.


Scopes: data:read


Authentication - 3 Legged Authentication

3 legged authentication is used when the user chooses to import a Revit model into the AHC app. This option is available as soon as a new project is created in the app.

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Версия 1.0.0, 22.11.2023
AHC Connect First Release

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