The NeoTwin's PrometriQ real estate platform empowers the owner to gain data sovereignty of the asset portfolio over its entire lifecycle. This also enables the owner to improve the management processes and make fact-based decisions, minimizing risks and dependencies at the same time. Using state-of-the-art technologies, we have created a unique enterprise ecosystem, where all participants in the construction and operation processes, like architects, engineers, suppliers, and construction and facility management companies are encouraged to collaborate.

Supporting open BIM methodology, we integrate Autodesk Construction Cloud® for managing graphical data and documents, organizing communication and collaboration. The information needed to manage an asset portfolio from investment to deconstruction is mostly not digitalized or isolated in dedicated applications. The PrometriQ platform organizes and brings together the distributed data to a "single point of truth", providing real-time KPIs for cost, schedule, quality and risk management.


The Asset Information Management functionality supports you by:

Easy asset documentation

  • Manage assets with its objects and master data
  • Management of asset portfolios
  • Document versions in the lifecycle of an asset

Asset's financial plan

  • Scheduling of work packages
  • Easy classification using tags
  • Integration of MS Planner and/or MS Teams
  • Direct assignment to one or more responsible users

Plan construction and maintenance projects

  • Allocation of expected costs and milestones
  • Classification as construction work, maintenance activity or construction project for complex works
  • Allocation of approved activities to the expected year of implementation in the financial plan
  • As soon as construction work is set up as a construction project, this can be managed within the PIM area (see PIM for more information)

Forward planning of revenues

  • Differentiation between planned/target/actual revenues
  • Monitoring the multi-year planning vs. annual target/actual planning
  • Comparison of two point-in-time states of the revenue plan
  • Hierarchically freely configurable revenue structure

Rental contracts management

  • Overview of the vacant rental units
  • Management of master data and the rules for rent adjustment
  • The development of the rental contracts is traced
  • The actual data is acquired from the owner’s accounting system

Holistic planning of lifecycle costs

  • Differentiation between planned/target/actual costs (OpEx)
  • Monitoring the planned (year based) vs. target/actual (monthly based) OpEx
  • Structuring according to a freely configurable cost catalogue
  • Integration of cashflow from ongoing projects (CapEx)
  • The actual data is acquired from the owner’s accounting system

Display cashflow quickly and easily

  • The cashflow data is the basis for the various profitability calculations
  • Monitoring the multi-year planning vs. annual target/actual planning

Intuitive, concise dashboards

  • Dashboard with essential key performance indicators
  • Topic-related dashboards for revenues, operation costs, ongoing construction works and much more

The Project Information Management functionality supports you by:

Easily organize projects

  • Free definition of the work breakdown structure
  • Tasks management
  • Synchronization of the WBS with coordination schedule
  • Free definition of project properties, support using templates

Easy schedule tasks and milestones

  • Scheduling with Gantt chart diagram
  • MS-Project Integration
  • Integration of the 3D building model
  • Detailed schedules for customized planning

The project costs are always in focus

  • Create individual cost plans based on the cost catalogue
  • A cost plan can have sections.
  • Management of risk positions.
  • The cost items can be linked to the IFC model on ACC

Contract management from purchase to invoicing

  • Manage the tenders and contracts with their hierarchically structured items.
  • Import tenders and contracts from standard formats or MS Excel templates
  • Integrate cost planning
  • Verwaltung von Angeboten
  • Claim management including provisions
  • Realization reports and invoicing

Fast and easy cashflow planning

  • The link between tasks and costs
  • Flexible filtering options
  • Update the remaining term
  • Temporal distribution of unrealized services

Intuitive, concise dashboards

  • Monitoring individual contracts
  • Status of contract management
  • Status of compliance with the budget
  • Identification of provisions/reserves for potential claims



The application uses 3-legged authentication and 2-legged authentication to show the models.


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Описание пробной версии

You can create your own company account by PrometriQ. We will give you access to your account after answering some questions and you can try the complete functionality for 4 weeks. In order to discover the full potential of PrometriQ, it is recommended to have a Microsoft® 365 account. We will guide you on how to link your PrometriQ account with your Microsoft 365 tenant. 

Please contact us for more information.

Сведения об этой версии

Версия 2023, 07.05.2024
The 2023 version contains german, austrian and romanian building elements catalogs as well as the cost catalogs for the countries.

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