360Sync™ automatically updates your BIM 360 Libraries whenever you upload or update a file to your computer, server, or BIM 360. Save time and effort by automating the file transfer process and eliminating double data-entry. 360Sync™ is easy to setup and easy to use. We have successfully created integrations between BIM 360 and project management systems. 360Sync™ is a powerful platform for rapid custom development and deployment.


Once installed and licensed, you will be able to synchronize almost any number of projects, files, and folders. Please contact one of Applied Software's BIM 360 Specialist ( forgedev@evolvemep.com) for a license key.


App is compatible with Autodesk® Build & BIM 360 Docs, Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Описание пробной версии

This is a full working version of 360 Sync™ with a 3 file sync limitation. Please contact one of Applied Software's BIM 360 Speicalist ( forgedev@evolvemep.com) for a license key with no limitations.

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Версия 3.4.0, 03.06.2024
updated release

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