The Permission Control in Autodesk Construction Cloud® (ACC) and Autodesk® BIM 360® portal are critical for ensuring data security, confidentiality, and compliance in your construction projects. The current interface natively available in ACC/BIM 360 allows the Account admin to manage access rights effectively, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.


However, maintaining these permissions regularly is a tedious task, especially when time is of the essence for our Construction manager and document controller. It becomes even more cumbersome as the number of users, folders, and projects increases.


B360 Secure is a web-based application built specifically for Autodesk Account Admins. It consolidates all your project-specific member and folder permission data into a single dashboard, helping you to analyze, audit, and manage your project security and permission.


3-Legged Authentication:

  • Get Login User Details
  • Get Projects and members' details
  • Get Folders and Folder permission

Описание пробной версии

We are offering 15 days of free Trial.

Please get in touch with us to purchase the B360 Secure subscription plan.

  • 50 USD/Monthly
  • 500 USD/Yearly

Сведения об этой версии

Версия 1.0.1, 16.05.2024
It is the 1st release version.

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Техническая поддержка
  • Highly Efficient and Reliable
    Bhavesh Vaghela | июня 07, 2024

    B360 Secure is both efficient and reliable. It has simplified the complex task of managing permissions across multiple projects. The integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud is flawless, and the tool's performance has exceeded our expectations.

  • Project Folder Permission Management solution
    RAVISHANKAR KUMAR | июня 06, 2024

    This help us to manage project folder permission easily and quickly.