This integration brings drawings from the Autodesk® BIM 360™ project into a live markup environment in Bullclip for design and drawing review. Live markups and communication in Bullclip enable faster turnarounds for teams with tight review deadlines, and enhance the BIM 360 Plans and Project Files modules by making every drawing a workspace for instant communication.


Bullclip’s live communication environment provides both transparency to the whole project team as well as a complete version and markup history along the way. While most design review status updates are limited to traditional milestones (such as 30%, 60%, 90% complete), Bullclip allows real-time insight into the status of a particular review at any one point in time, allowing the team to be better positioned to catch errors earlier in the design process. Bullclip brings markups, discussion and issue management onto every live drawing for faster design turnaround.


With your Bullclip integration you can:

  • Markups - Draw and send design feedback to your team instantly through a live workspace
  • Discussion - gather timely feedback from the right people, all within context of a particular drawing
  • Design Issue Management - Create issues, pin them to a drawing, and assign to team members for traceable feedback 
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Версия 1.0.0, 26.07.2019
Integrates BIM 360 Docs Plans and Project Files with Bullclip Drawings and Documents.

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  • Really easy to get everyone's feedback
    Nathan Field | августа 06, 2019

    Bullclip makes it really easy to coordinate markups across everyone on the project. Specific people's markups can be toggled on and off on the drawing, and markups just appear instantly as soon as people make them on their device or PC.