Verifi3D by Xinaps

Verifi3D by Xinaps



Clash and validate building designs, all in a browser.


Verifi3D is a cloud-based (SaaS) solution that checks and validates building designs in real time. Users can upload .rvt and IFC file formats, all in a browser. It offers seamless collaboration with powerful CDEs such as Autodesk® BIM 360®, Autodesk® Construction Cloud (ACC), and issue trackers such as BIM 360 Issues, ensuring a single source of truth for all project data. 


With its advanced rule-based engine, Verifi3D simplifies and automates the design coordination and model-checking process, thus ensuring that the building design is compliant with ISO 19650. Furthermore, it automates clash detection and automates geometric checking of building designs, all in a browser, making it easier to standardize coordination processes.


Verifi3D bridges gaps between the design and the construction stages. As a dedicated model checker, Verifi3D lets the teams work more collaboratively and gets more done in the cloud in real time. 


Upload Autodesk® Revit® and IFC files and run your data validation, model coordination, and design validation work. Access all your models in a Common Data Environment and get updates in real-time:

  • Add linked models to your parent model in real-time.
  • Apply filter sets to group and filter building elements according to your classification standards.
  • Perform free space checks (soft clash), parametric and geometric checks to your building models with a few clicks. Ensure compliance with ISO standards and improve your workflow.
  • Create issues and send reports in different formats, such as BCF, PDF, and CSV. Track, report, share and assign your issues to team members and get a real-time overview.
  • Compatible with IFC and .rvt file formats.
  • Integrated with CDEs: BIM 360, Autodesk Construction Cloud and issue tracker: BIM 360 Issues.


Add Verifi3D to your BIM 360 account/Autodesk Construction Cloud account now and start working with real-time BIM 360 project data/Autodesk Construction Cloud project data in Verifi3D.


Note: The App is compatible with BIM 360, Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM 360 Issues.


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版本 1.0, 2023/3/6
First version.



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