Earthwork Plan Production

Earthwork Plan Production

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The application provides a powerful tool for calculating Earthwork Volume values and creating Earthwork Plan.


Intuitive interface
Creating Earthwork Plan occurs one intuitive command, representing step-by-step and informative dialog box.


Calculation method
The application implements the calculation algorithm using the square prisms method, which completely imitates manual calculation. This method is widely used in the CIS, China and other countries, providing the ability to manually check the results by representatives of different companies and services, including Customers, expertise, construction companies, etc.


Data source
The calculation can be performed based on several data source types:
1. Two different TIN Surfaces;
2. TIN 
Volume Surface.


Calculation time
The optimized algorithm minimizes calculation time.


Calculation accuracy
Improved mechanism of interpolation and rounding of elevation values provides the result, that imitates manual calculation with high accuracy.

To further increase the accuracy of the calculation using the square prisms method it is possible to use Breaklines of the Existing/Final Surface (EG/FG). As an example the following objects can be used as Breaklines: retaining walls, hinge/daylight lines, contours of ravines, etc. The result of using Breaklines is to obtain a more frequent, irregular grid in accordance with the plan geometry of the selected objects.


Plan Production
Plan Production is performed by default in accordance with the requirements of the Russian GOST 21.508-93. Also a flexible system of parameters allows to get Earthwork Plan in accordance with any standards and requirements. 

Standard Autodesk® AutoCAD® workflow to edit the result of calculation
The graphic representation of the calculation result is controlled in accordance with the standard AutoCAD workflow — by changing the main parameters of the corresponding layers: Visibility, Color, Linetype, Lineweight, etc.


Language support

The application supports the following languages: English, Russian.

Enhancements that are under development for future releases:
1. Volume calculation using the Accuracy method (Composite Volume method);
2. Using types «Polygon» and «Object» as the boundaries of the calculation;
3. Style of the «Earthwork Plan» object (similar to Autodesk® Civil 3D® objects);
4. Volume calculation along with linear objects (Alignments, etc);
5. Creating automatically multileader after moving the elevation text.

Informace o této verzi

Verze 1.0, 13.09.2021
Initial release. Limitations in this release: 1. Volume calculation using the Accuracy method (Composite Volume method) is unavailable; 2. Types «Polygon» and «Object» as the boundaries of the calculation are unavailable. Type «Automatically» is available only.

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