SmartSignSafety_FREE-Visual Digital Signature

SmartSignSafety_FREE-Visual Digital Signature




Apply Visualized Digital Signature for AutoCAD® drawings, with anti-clone and non-repudiation properties. If the drawing is modified the signature disappears immediately. Just like a traditional handwritten signature, it can be displayed and plotted.


With traditional pen on paper signatures your purpose is nothing more than “Trust” and “Responsibility”. As your signature is accepted, the content of the document is accepted too, and you have the responsibility for the content.


Visualized Digital Signature provides more security than a paper and ink signature.


Digital Signature provides properties for anti-clone and non-repudiation of disputed charges.


  1. Using digital signature can help you to identify that the documents are original, that they are not unauthorized or have been modified.


  2. Anti-clone: your digital signature is not like a bitmap, and it cannot be copied. The digital signature is a string encrypted by using Public Key Infrastructure, and it’s composed by your certificate and document contents. Access to the public key does not enable a fraudulent party to fake a valid signature.


  3. Non-repudiation: a party that has signed a document cannot later deny having signed it.
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