This plugin allows you to copy a part of the drawing by selecting/creating a closed contour. You may select object types that have to be copied. Also, you can set 'trim flag' for each of the object type. The part of the drawing that was copied can be additionally rotated, scaled and/or copied to clipboard for inserting into another drawing.


You may create a closed contour without self-intersections in real-time or select a contour that was created before the plugin starts. The options menu allows you to set the types of the objects that have to be copied to select types that have to be trimmed and set flags for rotation/scale/clipboard if it necessary.


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Version 1.0.1, 22.12.2016
Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2017 support is added.

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  • нееплохо
    Михаил Лан | Februar 05, 2016

    хотелось бы триальную версию поюзать

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