Automation Surfaces

Automation Surfaces



Create multiple surfaces from polyline quickly using the Automation Surfaces application will do this task very fast. 

Select any number of polylines and enter the new name and number. 

It is easy to track the name from the text inside polylines. To do this quickly, only select polylines that have text inside them. 

You can create a new TIN surface from a closed polyline in one step, by using the Automation Surfaces application you can create multiple surfaces in one step by selecting your polyline. 


After that, the application will take each polyline and make a new surface in it.

for the volume surface, the application can automate it by selecting the base surface and selecting the multiple Comparison Surfaces

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Version 1.1, 08.02.2024
you can select the surface styles select the base surface from the list or from the drawing select multiple Comparison Surfaces from check list box or select from the drawing improve for the Windows form and the performance and code

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