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PressureCAD is built off of EPANET, the industry standard engine for water distribution modeling and works directly within your Autodesk® AutoCAD® and AutoCAD platform products such as Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D®.


PressureCAD is a simple to use product that produces professional results quickly and easily all within your AutoCAD products. No more going back and forth between design and analysis software, simply design your distribution network and analyze as you go.


AutoCAD Integration

With a simple to use ribbon interface, PressureCAD installs directly onto your AutoCAD software. Even without the robust modeling of Civil 3D, you can get instant results from PressureCAD by laying out your network with lines and nodes. 


Civil 3D Integration

PressureCAD also has full integration with the Civil 3D pressure pipe modeling tools. Simply model your network using the pressure pipe tools, apply your PressureCAD settings and analyze the results quickly and easily. Take your BIM model further with PressureCAD.



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Version, 11.05.2017
Initial Release

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  • Gets us everything we need!
    Brett Monsen | Oktober 09, 2017

    Allows us to get the analysis data that is required. It also makes reporting quick and easy not having to go back & forth with EPANET. Great Job Shawn!

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