CTC CIM Project Suite 2021

CTC CIM Project Suite 2021

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This setup will install add-in tools for Autodesk® Civil 3D® 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.


Feature Line to Alignment (Free): 
Creates an Alignment and Layout Profile from a Feature Line or Survey Figure.


Parts Swapper (Free):
Allows for multiple Pipe Network parts (Structures and Pipes) to be swapped for alternative parts, simultaneously, by selection in Plan, Profile view, and by entire Pipe Network. 


Survey Sweeper (Free): 
Simultaneously delete selected Survey Points and Survey Figures from drawings and Survey Databases.


Corridor Cleanup (Free):
Select multiple Corridors, Baselines, or Regions, and in one click, remove all Surface, Width, and/or Slope Targets. 


Label Genie (Trial):
Automate labeling across projects, including Civil 3D and AutoCAD annotation, on multiple drawings and layouts at once. Save labeling templates for future use. 


Auto Grader (Trial):
Create dynamic site grading models by linking feature line sets. Surface breaklines are automatically managed. Save design templates for future use. 


Corridor Mapper (Trial, Autodesk® Civil 3D® 2018-2021 Only): 
Automatically assign Corridor Targets by mapping Layers to Subassemblies, maintaining a dynamic link as additional Target objects are created. 


Corridor Merger (Trial, Autodesk® Civil 3D® 2018-2021 Only): 
Merge two or more Corridors into one, maintain all Targets and settings. 


Corridor Splitter (Trial): 
Splits a single Corridor into two.


Layer Trace (Trial): 
This tool will allow the tracking of layers referenced in Civil 3D styles. The user can choose to swap out a given layer for another layer, or to edit a style's layers right within the tool.


Pipe Designer (Trial):
Design pipe runs inside the Civil 3D drawing using a spreadsheet editor. 


Parts Tagger (Trial): 
Auto-populate one or more Pipe Network Part’s properties for Labeling or Tabling, including the following fields: Grate, Cover, Frame, Material, Rim Offset, Sump, Reference Surface, Reference Alignment, and Description. 


Sheet Generator (Trial): 
Sheet Generator is a multi-function, workflow-based solution for the creation and editing of Plan/Profile, Plan/Plan, or Profile/Profile sheets. 


Data Wizard (Trial): 
Data Wizard is a set of commands that help create Autodesk® AutoCAD® spreadsheet tables from AutoCAD and Civil 3D entities. 


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard Autodesk App Store installer).

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Informationen zu dieser Version

Version 21.0.0, 07.07.2020
Label Genie - First Release - Automatically label sheets with Civil 3D and AutoCAD annotation. Auto Grader - First Release - Create dynamic site grading models through linked feature line sets. Pipe Designer - New Feature - Pipe deflection across structures now available. Units precision specific to Pipe Designer available in options. Reset column display and spacing to factory default added. Pipe Designer - Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where zooming to structures through right click option zoomed to pipes instead. Fixed an issue where selecting one or two-part pipe runs would cause pipe designer to malfunction. Fixed an issue with use of Match Crowns/Obverts method that would result in inadvertent part elevation changes upon initial load of a pipe run. Parts Swapper - New Feature - Added new pipe run selection method. Added option to retain part size when swapping parts. Added option for when swapping an entire network swapping can be limited to just pipes or structures. Parts Tagger - Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where leaving a field to would sometimes activate the part's rule set. Corridor Cleanup – Enhancement - Made available as a free tool. Assembly Namer - Enhancement - Functionality merged into new app, Label Genie. Removed Assembly Namer as an individual app. Corridor Mapper - Enhancement - Merged all Corridor Mapper functions into a single dropdown in the Ribbon. Corridor Merger - Bug Fix - Fixed issue with trying to merge data referenced corridors. Corridor Splitter - Bug Fix - Fixed issue with trying to split data referenced corridors.

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  • Excellent Productivity Tools
    Colin Gaudet | März 12, 2020

    Great chance to try the paid tools and see if they fit into my workflow. Even the free tools are great and save me time!

    Why doesn't Civil 3D do this already!?

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