ProjectExplorer 4 (Trial)

ProjectExplorer 4 (Trial)

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There is a staggering array of information stored within average Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® project. However, accessing and sharing this information can be a real challenge even for the most experienced Civil 3D user.


ProjectExplorer is an easy to use, user-configurable, interactive window which is launched from within Civil 3D. Often considered to be a more powerful alternative to the Civil 3D Prospector, ProjectExplorer features a range of functionality including a powerful report & table generator, essential editing & design validation tools, and more.


Key Features

  1. Style driven & user configurable - control the layout and content of both the ProjectExplorer window and any generated output with a range of styles which can be saved and restored on the fly.
  2. Dynamic profile/section views - Review profiles, assemblies, corridors, pipe runs and sample lines with an innovative range of dynamic profile and section views in the ProjectExplorer window.
  3. Editing & validation tools - Enjoy direct access to almost every parameter in your design. Many values can be directly edited or validated from the ProjectExplorer window via a series of tooltips, right-click menus and toolbars.
  4. Generate reports & spreadsheets - Experience the industry's leading report and spreadsheet generator for Civil 3D. Entirely style driven, user configurable, and fully automatable when used in conjunction with Object Sets.
  5. Generate Autodesk® AutoCAD® tables - Effortlessly place user configurable AutoCAD tables into your drawing, using a workflow which is broadly similar to ProjectExplorer's report generation process.
  6. 2D export to AutoCAD - Export portions of your Civil 3D project to 2D native AutoCAD drawings. The resulting drawings look identical to the originals, and make ideal lightweight starting points for contract drawings.
  7. Comparison tools - Compare the elevation, slope, and offset between alignments, profiles, corridors, pipe runs and surfaces - then dynamically monitor these relationships as your Civil 3D design evolves.
  8. Content filtering - Filter project content using a range of criteria such as specific point codes, link codes, profile types, elevation or slope ranges, surface types, pipe run paths, and more.
  9. Object search - Easily find any named object in your Civil 3D project then highlight, select, zoom or pan to it instantly in the AutoCAD viewport or ProjectExplorer window.


Discover the power of Object Sets

Take the pain out of generating reports, spreadsheets and AutoCAD drawings from your Civil 3D projects. With Object Sets, the content, layout, file type and path of any exported document can be preconfigured by the user. This allows each document to be generated or updated with a single click of the "Run Selected Action" button.


Once several Object Sets are configured in your drawing, the production or revision of an entire series of files is achieved with one click of the "Run All Actions" button. If you consider Civil 3D to be a single source of truth for your project, there is no better way to guarantee that all documents are in sync with your design.


ProjectExplorer stores a permanent history in your drawing of all generated documents. This allows version information to be reviewed, along with the creation date and originating user of every generated document.


This product will run in trial mode for up to 30 days with no restrictions in functionality.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Version, 18.12.2017
Improved the performance of displaying lists of pipe network structures, pipes and pipe runs in the ProjectExplorer User Interface. Changed the file encoding method for CSV files to UTF-8 with BOM solve a formatting issue which occurs when opening exported CSV files in Excel. Added a new violation condition for pipe networks to indicate when the associated Parts List is missing or invalid. Fixed an issue where Part Descriptions were missing from Pipe Network parts after using the ProjectExplorer "Swap Parts" option. Introduced support for selecting multiple surfaces in the ProjectExplorer User Interface. Zoom to, pan to, select, rebuild, cut factor, fill factor, raise surface and surface style editing options can now be simultaneously applied to multiple surfaces. Introduced a new Volume Surface Summary status bar in the ProjectExplorer surfaces list. This status bar summarizes cut/fill volumes for all/selected Volume Surfaces in the drawing. Introduced a new lock/unlock icon in the ProjectExplorer surfaces toolbar. When locked, the new Volume Surface Summary is based on currently selected Volume Surfaces. When unlocked, the summary is based on all Volume Surfaces in the drawing. Added a new option to Preferences Styles and the Preferences Options dialog which controls whether the Volume Surface Summary selection lock is sticky between ProjectExplorer sessions. Added a new option to Layout Styles and the Layout Options dialog which controls the order and visibility of fields in the new Volume Surface Summary option. Added a new option to Report Styles and the Report Options dialog which controls whether a Volume Surface Summary should be included in the Report Footer. Cut and Fill Factor values for Volume Surfaces are now editable from the ProjectExplorer User Interface. Introduced support for generating surface reports which exclude triangle or cell details. This is achieved by turning off all data columns for surface triangles/cells in the associated Layout Style. Added a pre-flight check for missing SHX files when exporting to DWG files. Multiple parcel segments can now be selected in the ProjectExplorer User Interface. Fixed an issue with keyboard shortcuts which prevented them for working properly on lists where multiple selections are anabled. Fixed an issue with the "Raise/lower surface" option where the surface type was not being properly detected. Made a subtle cosmetic improvement to the border around all profile and section views in the ProjectExplorer User Interface. Fixed an issue with the "Select Link/Point/Shape Code from Code Set Style" option for subassemblies which was incorrectly adding a space between entries in comma delimited code lists. Fixed a problem which prevented TIN Volume Surface objects from being selected and displayed in the ProjectExplorer user interface.

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  • Excellent Add-on
    Brian Johnson | Juli 01, 2015 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    An essential add-on for exporting reports for site, output can be customised exactly how I need to give the information for setting out. Geometry reports and other outputs are far better than standard Civil 3D reports.

  • ProjectExplorer
    Erik Wiffers | Dezember 02, 2014 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    Very handy tool that gives you a great overview of your drawing!

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