C3D Surface Tools

C3D Surface Tools

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A collection of tools to manipulate surfaces in Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil3D®.


3dFace Tools: Tools to manipulate 3dFaces, including surface area, set direction, normals, offsets and more.


Convert Sections: Convert cross sections to plan view 3dPolys along an alignment and optional surface.


Convert Type: Convert a TinSurface to a GridSurface and vice-versa.  The original surface remains and can optionally be removed by the user.


Draw Mesh: Draws a mesh object draped on an existing surface with labeling options.


Elevation Labels: Tools to create, convert, import and export surface elevation labels.


Extract Objects: Extracts multiple objects from multiple surfaces in a single operation.


File Import: Import a surface definition from an external file into the current drawing.


File Export: Export a surface definition from the current drawing to an external file.


Grade Path: Generates a FeatureLine at a designed grade on a surface.


Grid Reconstruct: Recreate a grid file from ortho drawing geometry such as points, lines, or 3dfaces


Lidar Tiles: Quickly draw and label the 3D bounding box of a selection of binary Lidar LAS files.


Mass Points: Creates a TinSurface from desired portions of mass points files like Lidar, etc.


Pond Design: Design a pond from bottom up based on desired slope and desired volume.


Show Stats: Collects statistics on selected surface (including extended info like plane/surface area) with numerous outputs.


Slope Labels: Add labels along objects (including alignment offsets) or high/low points, convert existing objects, export/import, style by ranges.


Style Visibility: Toggles all surfaces between currently assigned style and no display.


TIN Reconstruct: Recreates a TIN file from drawing geometry such as PolyMeshes or 3dFaces.


Trim Boundaries: Trims a Tin or Grid surface to a linear object boundary.

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Version 6.0.0, 30.08.2016
Initial release.

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