Concrete slab reinforcement tool

Concrete slab reinforcement tool

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To draw reinforcement for a typical concrete slab of highway/airport pavement or for a bridge deck is quite simple.  However, this task may become a nightmare when the number of irregularly shaped slabs increases.


 This tool will help minimize human work, and increase production and reliability by automating the following tasks:

• Spreading longitudinal and transverse rebar groups according to user-defined spacing value & spacing option;

• Automatic drawing cross-sections along user-defined section cut lines;

• Automatic drawing rebar pullout;

• Automatic quantity takeoff;

• Boundary and reinforcement spacings dimensioning, rebar groups annotation 


Additional features:

• Rebar parameters (diameter, unit weight...) of the following standards are supported: ASTM A615,  AS/NZS 4671, BS EN 10080, BS 4449, BS 8666, JIS G 3112, TCVN 1651

• Both Imperial and Metric systems are supported

• Flexible rebar group naming

• Customisable quantity table schema





30-day trial available



1. This App will NOT design the reinforced structure for you, it just Draws.  Bars' diameter, minimum required spacing, slab thickness, concrete cover ... must be set manually but can be saved to use later;

2. The user can run this App with the:

(a) A simple signing-in parent Autodesk application with a valid Autodesk ID that did the purchase.  In this way, the user can run this App from any computer, provided that an internet connection is available; or

(b) An offline license file that is physical computer hardware dependent. After purchasing, please run this App, open the About... panel, and manually copy & send your registration info to the NTCL support email For more details, please refer to the License Registration Guide.  While waiting for an offline license file, this App still runs with full functions;

3. A 30-day Trial requires signing in parent Autodesk application with a valid Autodesk ID that did the download.  No offline license is provided for the Trial version.

4. Users will get a message if this App package is launched from a virtual machine. The app launched from a virtual machine will be limited in features.

Informationen zu dieser Version

Version, 02.05.2024
Bugs fix: - License query from license server fails in AutoCAD 2025. - Error in the configuration file (.MPCF6) format in AutoCAD 2025. - Tab page 3 "Section, rebar details, dim..." is locked by mistake

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  • Good App
    Ali Akhmetov | Juni 22, 2024

    Slab reinforcement draft works with this App is very quick.

    However, i think this App need the ability to convert CAD to Revit objects.

    NTCL Main (Herausgeber) | Juni 27, 2024

    Thank you for your review and suggestion.

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