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IMCivil Solutions provides simple, key tools needed to make every user more productive. The tools are divided into:

  • Survey Tools
  • Surface/Grading Tools
  • Parking Tools
  • Alignment / Profile Tools
  • Pipe Network Tools


Survey Tools: 

  • Feature/Figure Lines to Polylines: Convert feature lines to polylines. Works with survey figures also
  • Autodesk® Civil 3D® Points from Autodesk® AutoCAD® Blocks: Converts AutoCAD blocks (using attribute data) into Civil 3D Points
  • Process Survey Points: Creates linework (without a survey project database) to connect Civil 3D Points
  • Adjust Survey Points: Adjusts the points horizontal spacing and rotation based upon the input
  • Create Legal Description: An easy to use, flexible interface to create a legal description of a selected parcel or even a polyline
  • Create Station/Offset Alignment Points: Writes the selected alignment's station and offset to the description of a new point at a specified point
  • Renumber Points: Renumbers the selected Civil 3D Points


Surface/Grading Tools 

  • Contour Offset: Offsets polylines multiple times horizontally and vertically per contour interval and slope 


Alignment & Profile Tools 

  • Offset Profile: Creates a polyline that is offset vertically from the selected profile utilizing the profile view's vertical exaggeration
  • Adjust Profile While Holding Grades: Using a tabular window, you can adjust a PVI's elevation, station, or grade's in and out while still holding the grades of other PVIs


Parking Tools 

  • Create Parking Spaces: Creates parking space lines along a perpendicular parking 'spine' or edge. You can place parking lines on one or both sides of the selected edge. The parking edge can also be a curve
  • Count Parking Spaces: Using the settings of parking width and angle, you pick the start and end points of the parking area and it will write the total spaces to the command line


Pipe Network Tools 

  • Pipe Maker (classic): Sometimes you just want to use CAD linework to symbolize a pipe. This tool will take a selected object and use the specified parameter of thickness, layer, and type (edges, centerline, or mix) and draw the 'pipe' line for you 
  • Rename/Renumber Network Parts: This tool will let you rename selected pipe or structures utilizing a renaming syntax you specify  
  • Set Grade Between Pipe Inverts: Like the similarly named feature line tool, you select (in profile view) the starting pipe and end pipe and grade between the two and all pipes between will be consistent grade. You can include a pipe drop in the structure and the method (match crowns, center, or inverts)   
  • Link Alignment to Pipe Network: This tool adds to the already powerful Civil 3D tool to create an alignment from a pipe network. Once the alignment is created, you can use this tool to link the network to specific structures. You can add, edit, or delete structures in the link. Once linked the alignment dynamically adjusts if the linked structures adjust.    


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

Informationen zu dieser Version

Version 2025.1.1.1, 30.05.2024
Tested with Civil 3D 2025, this version works with Civil 3D 2019 through 2025. Some minor fixes made to previous versions included in this release.


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