Executive schemes.

Executive schemes.


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The application helps to formalize deviations of actual parameters from design. 

  • Verticality of structures ([T] -> [B] ->)
  • Dimensions (Project \ Actual)
  • Point objects (Deviation in plan and height)
  • High-altitude shooting (Working with various objects)

Please note: The app is 30-day trial. For further work of the application, please register (registration costs $ 70 per year).


For those who have already exhausted the trial period on the previous version, 10 days of testing will be available when installing the new version.

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Versión 2.1.2, 08/05/2018
Added current version support.

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  • It's just a masterpiece!
    Alexey Zakharov | marzo 02, 2018 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    The work that I did in a day, with this application can now be done in 30 minutes!

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