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Tagis CAD allows users to geotag any location in the world from inside an Autodesk® Civil 3D® desktop session. This geotag is published to the Tagisphere(R) cloud server and instantly becomes available as Augmented Reality content in the real world. These geotags show up like a Google Map Pin in the real world. The geotags have a label and can have a hyperlink, allowing a field worker to easily find and instantly access information in the field. 


Field users access the data using AR Mavericks iOS app Tagis Mobile. When they start the app, it uses GPS to determine their geo-location and then contacts the Tagisphere cloud server. The server searches the database for any published geotags that are near their location. The mobile app then shows the user the nearby AR geotags.


 Use Cases:

  • Flag the locations of hard-to-find underground services such as water meters, irrigation, and electrical vaults.
  • Show property corners on undeveloped land.
  • Mark locations of maintenance items and links to the maintenance work order
  • Dream up your own workflows.

GPS Positioning:

The system first relies on GPS positioning to determine the users location on the earth. In addition, if a user is within an area covered by the Google geospatial Virtual Positioning System (VPS) which is available in areas covered by Google Streetview, then the mobile app can also use computer vision to more accurately determine the users position (pose). 

Internally, the geotags are store at highly accurate geo-locations. However, the accuracy of tags placement in the scene will depend on the accuracy of the current positioning technology being utilized, GPS or VPS.

Users can improve the accuracy of the GPS positioning beyond what is built into the iOS device

  • Bad Elf or Arrow GPS antennas are available for a few hundred dollars, depending on what accuracy you desire. These units can reliably deliver accuracy within 1-2 meters. This may be acceptable for some workflows.

There are several options for survey grade cm accuracy depending on your needs

  • Leica Zeno Flex 100+ and Pix4D ViDoc deliver survey grade accuracy and can cost several thousand dollars for each unit.
  • Trimble Catalyst series is only a few hundred dollars but requires a monthly subscription plan that can run into the thousands per year, depending on accuracy requirements.


  1. Many organizations may already have these GPS units for their field work and can utilize them for Tagis Mobile also without the need to purchase such equipment.
  2. The survey grade GPS antennas can deliver accuracies of “a few centimeters”. Please note, that we do not consider the augmented reality content to be displaying at survey grade accurate locations. We do not suggest using this for layout or any precise location workflow. This product is designed to deliver easy access to information from nominal geolocations.


The free version of the product uses a shared public repository of geotags. Private data storage and access is available with a paid subscription.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Versión 1.0.1, 24/05/2024
This is the Version 1.0.1 and is released to provide support for Civil 3D 2025.

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