Enhanced section views creation

Enhanced section views creation

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Update 10/10/2023:  In case there is any problem with license, please manually load the .lic license file located in C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\NTCL_EnhancedSectionviewLayout.Bundle\Contents

User guide: How to load an offline license file 


Section view creation in Autodesk® Civil 3D® is quite complicated with lots of parameters. Section views elevation range is hard to control & plot pages often leave large blanks.
This App will help ease the section view task by adding the following features:

  • Flexible section views arrangement:  Number of section views per row/ column is fixed by users 
  • New method for determining elevation range: Elevation range is now implicitly set through the minimum distance below & above sections
  • Configuration saved to file: Previous session parameters are auto saved on Exit, and manually Reload if needed
  • Enhanced style setting table: Section name replaced by Section source name, also a source type column is added for clarification


App creates Individual section views, NOT section view group. The following pros & cons of individual sectionviews created by this App should be aware of:


  • Each section view can be manually moved to another position. Position not changed after an update event (eg: annotation scale changed, nearby section view deleted);
  • Elevation range is implicitly calculated for each sectionview & recalibration for a  sectionview row; which can minimize blanks & save plot paper;


  • Section views offset range should not be less than the left & right Offset value of sample lines;
  • When annotation scale change, section views should be deleted and re-created;
  • Section view bandset cannot be replaced after creation (a critical error will occur if doing so).

Notes:  This App is written for METRIC drawing. Imperial drawing may make use of this App, but the result may be unexpected.

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Versión, 10/10/2023
- Added support for Civil 3D 2024

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