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Surface Stitcher empowers you to merge surfaces with ease, and to blend mismatched surfaces to produce a better final model.  Need to combine multiple surveys? Resolve overlaps? Fill in voids? Combine a complex site design with existing ground to form a finish grade surface?  No problem, Surface Stitcher has you covered.

When merging end-to-end, Surface Stitcher will automatically create either a smooth or a simple infill where there are gaps, and will blend overlaps using simple averaging, weighted averaging, highest, lowest, and smooth infill methods.

Surface Stitcher's SmartPaste technology enables you to insert a surface containing a void (hide boundary) into a larger surface and retain the receiving surface geometry within the void region of the pasted surface.  If a similar operation is tried using the paste functionality within Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D®, the final surface will also contain a void, thus requiring additional time consuming steps to infill.  SmartPaste handles this in one fast, simple step.  In addition to saving time when pasting surfaces with interior boundaries, SmartPaste also allows you to apply a transition zone around the exterior and/or any interior boundaries present in the pasted surface in which a smooth infill will be placed.


This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

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Version 1.0.2, 12/04/2016

New Features


  • Added check for empty surface data (+ command line notification) that occurs prior to attempting to merge/paste.
  • Updated common assembly references to the latest versions for side-by-side compatibility with:
    • Subassembly Studio (all variants) v8.0.23
    • Visual Report Designer v4.0.23
    • Pond Volume Calculator 1.0.2
    • Terra Power Tools 2.0.23.

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