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Never forget why or where you snapped a project photo. Whether you are walking miles of roadway to capture existing conditions, documenting sidewalk accessibility, or working on a signage inventory PhotogeoDWG can instantly build your documentation and help when you want to share with your design team. PhotogeoDWG assists by showing you the location where you took the photo with a marker rotated to match the orientation you were standing when you took photo. The app will place a raster reference of the photo in the drawing, and it will automatically insert labels into your drawing. Complete documentation in minutes instead of days!

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Version, 02/11/2018
PhotogeoDWG Pro is the much anticipated update for the award winning photogeo developed for older versions of Autodesk® AutoCAD® and Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D®. This version supports all geo-coordinate systems delivered with AutoCAD/Civil 3D. It has an updated GUI that implements AutoCAD's light and dark themes. And it includes many new commands to help you manage your photos including data editors, CSV export tool, position updater, plus bulk placement of images and labels. With this version you are not limited to markers - complete documentation of hundreds of photos in seconds by automatically placing markers, photos, and labels. Code signed MSI for better install experiences. fixes place photo command on right-click menu.

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