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This app automates the process of copying/re-associating profile view labels to another profile view. The app supports the following label types to transpose onto another profile view:


- Profile View Depth Labels

- Station Elevation Labels

- Multileaders

- Leaders



- Rotated Dimensions

- Aligned Dimensions

- Angular Dimensions


To run the command, follow these steps - also displayed in the command line:

1. Select the source profile view.

2. Select the destination profile view.

3. Select labels for copy. This can be done via picking one at a time, or by selecting multiple at a time. Also, built in is the ability to window an area. When doing this, other objects may get selected, but the app will filter the label types out of the selection based on the settings.


Note: The settings portion of the command allows the user to change what objects are processed during use of a selection window. Default settings have all of the labels turned on for selection.


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Versione, 15/05/2022
Upgraded for 2023 product (No change in version number). Upgraded for 2022 product (No change in version number). Upgraded for 2021 product (No change in version number). Upgraded for 2020 product (No change in version number). Upgraded for 2019 product (No change in version number). Upgraded for 2018 product (No change in version number).

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  • Mixed Results.
    Cody Faltin | agosto 26, 2019 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Install and activation was easy, copied labels and text objects without issue.  However it discarded Text overrides and additional dragged state vertices from the labels that were being copied.  Seems decent, just not everything I was hoping for.  Would be nice if it would have an option to grab poly-line and hatch objects as well, though that was never advertised so I can't complain about that would just be a nice addition.

  • A must-have for a friendly price
    István Balázs | agosto 18, 2019 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Saved a ton of time for me. Got a call suddenly, to break up my profile views, so each fit a certain paper size. I can't even imagine, why this is not a stock function, however thanks for the developer.

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