BatchInDatabase takes Autodesk® AutoCAD® batch process to a new level with powerful built-in commands and an easy to use interface. Drawings are edited (in memory, without opening them in editor) in database level thus the taken to process each file is significantly reduced.

Key Features:

1. Each drawing can be tasked to process different multiple built-in commands without opening them.

2. Find drawings contain particular Block/Education Stamp/Image/Layer /Layout/Page setup/Plot style/Text/Xref.

3. Clean drawings without opening them using commands like Purge DGN linetypes, Purge All and Purge Shape files.

4. Automated batch process monitor helps to keep the batch running in the event of any drawing error or AutoCAD crash.

5. Identify the last saved drawing version instantly by loading drawings into the Batch process.

6. Import/Export of drawing list and commands list for later use.

7. Supports 32/64 bit Autodesk AutoCAD version 2015 to 2021 and verticals (Not Autodesk® AutoCAD LT® compatible).

This Trial version is a fully functional, not time limited, application with only limitation of three files per session, meaning that, The application processes only first three files and stops but user can remove the first three processed files and continue the batch for next three files with three files per session.


We are sure that this gives enough opportunity to evaluate the application and user can go for paid version once fully satisfied with the application to unlock the only limitation of three files per session.

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バージョン 4.4.0, 2020/09/08
1. Support added to AutoCAD 2021 in version 4.4


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