This app will assist in modeling spill-cone-shaped surfaces in Autodesk® Civil 3D® (dirt mounds), update the original ground surface and compute fill/cut volumes of the resulting compound shapes. This is a task that comes up quite often in the mining industry for example during the design of solid waste dump sites.

The app allows the user to configure various parameters/options such as:

  •  Visualization of the resulting spill-cone surface
  •  Angle or repose
  •  Absolute or relative elevation values
  •  Number of points to be generated along the surface boundary
  •  Generation of a Civil 3D tin surface
  •  Auto patching of the Original ground surface (OG)
  •  Auto-generation of a volume surface

Positive and negative resulting shapes are possible (dumps or excavations) depending on the geometry and parameter values.

Upon initial invocation, the app will ask the user to pick a tin surface, specify the angle of repose and input an elevation value. Once these parameters are defined, the app will compute and dynamically draw the spill-cone surfaces at any point on the OG surface.

Please refer to the complete app documentation for a description of the parameters


バージョン 2020.3.1.1, 2023/05/30
Added 2024 support (No change in version number).


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