PCC- Pipeline Crossings Check

PCC- Pipeline Crossings Check

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PCC - Pipeline Crossings Check is a powerful plugin for Autodesk® Civil 3D® designed to save time and effort in checking pipeline crossings. It can detect both soft and hard clashes during modeling. The plugin offers a user-friendly interface, simplifying the selection of Gravity Network or Pressure Network, and checks for clashes where they intersect. The results are displayed in a table, and clashes can be labeled in the model.


Features and Benefits:


  • Detects soft and hard clashes while modeling in Civil 3D.
  • Allows you to compare two pipe networks, including gravity network with gravity network, pressure network with pressure network, or gravity network with pressure network. Additionally, it facilitates checks within the same pipe network, whether gravity or pressure
  • Labels clashes in the model, with customizable labeling settings.
  • Zooms to the locations of clashes for quick identification.
  • Allows selection of the involved parts of clashes.


バージョン 1.0.0, 2024/05/07
Initial release.


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