Import \ Export coordinates

Import \ Export coordinates

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  • Geo_Import Drawing objects (point, block, circle, polyline and 3D polyline) according to the coordinates of the file (txt, csv, sdr, gsi and are), with the ability to assign a number, a mark (coordinate Z), and description.
  • Geo_Export File (txt, csv, gsi and sdr) recording, the coordinates of objects (point, block, circle, polyline, 3D polyline, multiline, spline, line, text, multiline text), as well as additional information such as the number and description.


バージョン 6.2.1, 2021/03/24
Added format for import ARE


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  • So useful!
    Hubert Hoppe | 10月 14, 2020

    I highly recommend this add-in! It's so simple and yet so complex. Spares you a lot of time while importing coordinates measured in field and helps to present them in a very informative way. Thanks for that Alexandr!

  • Very good!
    Alexey Zakharov | 3月 02, 2018

    It is very convenient to load and unload coordinates from AutoCAD.