Polyline 2 Corridor
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Transforming utilities or other linear objects into detailed BIM models is now easier than ever with this tool. With this tool, you can easily convert multiple polylines into corridors and transfer property set data to the corridor as well and this can be done with one simple click.


The conversion is carried out in the following way:

  1. The polylines are converted into alignments, which forms the horizontal baseline of the corridor.
  2. Surface profiles are created for each alignment, which forms the vertical baseline of the corridor.
  3. The user has the option to use a predefined assembly, which will create an assembly representing an utility. Additionally, the user can create extra assemblies with different parameters (like depth and diameter). The layer of the polyline determines which assembly is applied to the corridor. The tool includes a table where all of this can be configured.
  4. The user can also choose to use an existing assembly that they already have in the drawing. In that case, this assembly will be applied to the corridors.
  5. Corridors are created based on the above-mentioned objects.


The created corridors offer various advantages compared to polylines:

  • Visualization: Corridors can be used for visualization in a BIM-model, allowing stakeholders to gain better insights.
  • Clash Detection: Corridors can be used for clash detection in a BIM-model, ensuring early resolution of conflicts.
  • Property Management: Corridors containing property set data can be used in a BIM model to search and filter properties, ensuring a clear overview of all properties.
  • Section Views: Corridors can be directly projected into section views, providing additional design insights.


バージョン 2.0.0, 2024/06/17
-Added a settings window where the user can configure certain options before executing the command. -Added a progress bar that appears when the command is run.


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