TL Polyline Morph

TL Polyline Morph

Todor Latev

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This app will ask the user to select a set of source and target polylines and a morphing progress metric (expressed in %). It will then go on to generate a third polyline which is a blend/morph of the source/target ones. A level of 0% will generate a polyline exactly matching the original but which will also have additional "genes" or vertices from the target one as well.


Similarly a level of 100% will perfectly match the target polyline with added vertices from the source polyline as well. Any other intermediate values of x% will result in a polyline matching x% the source polyline and (100-x)% the target polyline. A setting of 50% would be useful for example for generating a centre polyline, or an average polyline between the other two polylines. This app will not modify the original polylines in any way. Supported objects are LWPolylines and 3Dpolylines. If any of the source objects is a 3Dpolyline the end result will also be a 3Dpolyline.

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