FILLBOUND - Fills boundaries with polylines

FILLBOUND - Fills boundaries with polylines

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Fillbound is an app that can be used to fill boundaries within a block with specific width polylines. It’s intelligent and fills around the islands or voids, if it finds any. Select a layer to create the fill, either on the same layer (existing) of the selected objects or select another layer or create a new layer to be used. Set the Options for Width of the polylines that will be created for the fill, overlap distance and an Angle (or accept default 0 angle). If the Fill Boundary is selected, the Fill percentage is available to control the percentage of the area to be covered by polylines. 

The application will start in Trial-Mode and allow 15 trial runs or 1 day, whichever comes first.

$10.00 to purchase from within the app using a Paypal account or make a one-time purchase with a Debit or Credit Card on Paypal

Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Wersja 2.2.0, 19.03.2017
The Fill Boundary function was enhanced for better performance and the Fill on Layer function updated.

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