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Relax awhile and have fun playing this version of Tetris for Autodesk® AutoCAD®.
The game provides intellectual sport that combines continuous fun with mental stimulation. It requires players to strategically rotate, move, and drop a procession of Tetriminos that fall into the rectangular Matrix at increasing speeds. Players attempt to clear as many lines as possible by completing horizontal rows of blocks without empty space, but if the Tetriminos surpass the Skyline the game is over! It might sound simple, but strategy and speed can go a long way!

Use your knowledge of AutoCAD to design and create your own tetriminos and your background and share them with friends. See examples in folder, "Documents\T-trisCAD\Sample Files\"


Menu keys.

Use the ENTER key and LEFT key to move through the different menus, UP/DOWN ARROW keys to move through the different options on the menu. The ENTER key selects the option. The LEFT key to return to the previous menu.


Default game keys:

Hard drop: UP key.

Move left: LEFT ARROW key.

Move right: RIGHT ARROW key.

Soft drop: DOWN ARROW key.

Rotate left: 1 key.

Rotate right: 2 key.

Pause ACT/DES: ENTER key.

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